• Where is ranked choice voting currently used?

    RCV is already used in our state capital, Springfield, for overseas and military voters participating in local elections. It hasn't yet been adopted for any other elections in Illinois. Nationally, it's used in Maine and Alaska, as well as several municipalities, including New York City, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and more.

  • What is the process for adopting RCV in Illinois?

    For any level of government to use RCV would require either state legislation or a local referendum. Some local governments would need a change in state law while others could use RCV in local elections (mayor, city or town council, etc.) through a referendum.

  • Are there any current efforts to implement RCV in Illinois?

    In summer of 2022 the City Council of Evanston voted to add a ballot referendum on the November 2022 ballot, allowing voters to choose if they want ranked choice voting for the city. If passed, Evanston will be the first municipality in Illinois to adopt ranked choice voting. Learn more about how you can help the campaign here.

  • Who supports RCV in Illinois?

    As of April 30, 2021, these are the representatives and local officials who support RCV in Illinois:

    State Senate

    • Laura Murphy, 28th District
    • Mike Simmons, 7th District
    • Scott Bennett, 52nd District
    • Robert Peters, 13th District
    • Ann Gillespie, 27th District
    • Laura Fine, 9th District
    • Sara Feigenholtz, 6th District
    • Cristina H. Pacione-Zayas

    State House of Representatives

    • Jaime Andrade, 40th District

    Chicago Alderman

    • Matt Martin, 47th Ward