Urgent! Take these actions to bring ranked choice voting to Illinois!


1. Call Senate President Don Harmon and ask him to call the Ranked Choice Voting Bill (SB1785) for a hearing:


2. Call your state senator and ask them to cosponsor SB1785 for Ranked Choice Voting!


We will be giving a presentation to a committee of the Illinois State Senate at the end of the month, and we need to build momentum for our bill! That means we need YOU to take two minutes to call your Senator today - it’s easy and fun! And don’t worry - the Senators’ offices expect phone calls from constituents. They want to hear from you!

(Tip: if you don’t enjoy talking on the phone to humans, call after hours and leave a voicemail!)

Here’s an example of what you can say:

“Hi my name is ____ and I am a constituent of Senator _______. I would like to ask the Senator to consider becoming a cosponsor of the Ranked Choice Voting bill SB1785 (add your own personal reason if you like, but you don’t have to) Thank you!”

Senators Laura Murphy, Mike Simmons, Robert Peters, Scott Bennett, Laura Fine, Ann Gillespie, Sara Feigenholtz, and Cristina Pacione-Zayas are already sponsoring, so no need to bug them!


Find your State Senator

Once you enter your address on the right side of that page, you'll see two results. Select the result that is listed as upper chamber - that's your Senator!

We recommend calling their Springfield office, but you can call their district office, too, if you want!