• What is FairVote Illinois?

    We are a nonpartisan, volunteer-run organization advocating for ranked choice voting in Illinois.

    Our mission is to empower Illinois voters to be heard, supported, and represented by improving freedom and fairness in our elections through ranked choice voting.


    Learn more about FairVote Illinois, our mission, and our team by visiting our About Us page.

  • What does FairVote Illinois do?

    Fairvote Illinois is raising awareness of — and support for — RCV in the state, educating voters and politicians about the benefits of RCV and working to implement RCV throughout Illinois for local, state and federal elections.

    We do this through the hard work of volunteers who canvas at events, promote RCV online and through social media, contact their representatives, recruit others to join our cause, coordinate with other community groups, and so much more.

  • How can I support FairVote Illinois?

    There are several ways you can get involved with FairVote Illinois, from joining one of our many teams and/or canvassing at events, to making a donation or simply signing up to show your support for RCV in Illinois. Join us for one of our monthly statewide meetings to learn more about the ins and outs of FairVote Illinois and find a way to contribute that works best for you.


    Click here to view our events calendar and RSVP to our next meeting. All are welcome.

    Click here to see all the ways you can help FairVote Illinois.

  • How is FairVote Illinois funded?

    FairVote Illinois is funded entirely by individual donations from supporters of RCV. We are an independent, non-partisan organization and are not funded by any partisan or corporate interests.