Incorporated in 2020, FairVote Illinois is made up of volunteers who are supporters of democracy, who value freedom and fairness in our elections, and who are passionate about implementing ranked choice voting in Illinois.



Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Illinois voters to be heard, supported, and represented by improving freedom and fairness in our elections through ranked choice voting (RCV).


Why We Do What We Do

We believe Illinois voters should have a greater choice in who represents them, a stronger voice that is heard by those in office, and representation that better reflects their values, beliefs, and backgrounds. 


The Problem with Our Current Electoral System

Our winner-take-all system robs us of real choice.

We shouldn’t have to vote against a candidate we want to lose rather than for a candidate we truly want to win.

No one should feel as though their vote doesn’t make a difference in the outcome of an election, and no one should have to accept that things won't change no matter who's in charge.

We refuse to accept this status quo. None of this is consistent with the spirit of democracy. 

Click here to learn more about the problems RCV addresses.


How to Join FairVote Illinois

There are several ways you can get involved with FairVote Illinois, from joining one of our many teams or canvassing at events, to making a donation or simply signing up to show your support of RCV in Illinois. Join us for one of our monthly statewide meetings to learn more about the ins and outs of FairVote Illinois and find a way to contribute that works best for you. Click here to view our events calendar and RSVP to our next meeting.

If you'd like to become more involved with our organization click here or send us an email at [email protected], and someone from our team will reach out to you.

Together, we can create a better democracy for all of us through RCV.

Meet our Teams

  • Executive

    Responsible for the day-to-day management of FairVote Illinois, the Executive Team keeps the organization running smoothly in order to ensure our volunteers can do their thing.

    • Andrew Szilva

    • Alexander Schwartz

    • William Redpath

  • Messaging

    The Messaging Team crafts content for both internal and public-facing communications on behalf of the organization. In addition to managing our newsletter, they collaborate with the other teams to provide message and copywriting support.

    • Andrew Clancey

      Team Lead
    • Paige Fox

      Deputy Team Lead
  • Onboarding

    The Onboarding Team is responsible for welcoming new supporters and matching them with volunteer activities. They help make sure everyone who wants to contribute to our mission can do so.

    • Patrick Barrett

      Team Lead
  • Live Outreach

    The Live Outreach Team is responsible for reaching potential supporters and future volunteers. They plan live events, find canvassing opportunities, and organize phone/text banks.

    • Caleb George

      Team Lead
    • Sophie M

      Team Lead
  • Social Media

    The Social Media Team manages our online presence. They ensure our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts are continuously updated with the latest RCV content to raise awareness, attract new supporters, and interact with community leaders..

    • Matt Francolino

      Team Lead
    • Leah Otto

      Deputy Team Lead
  • Fundraising

    Building a movement costs money, and the Fundraising Team ensures we have the funds to keep our mission going. They are responsible for creating fundraising campaigns, identifying/applying for grants, and managing a strong donor base in order to make sure our volunteers can keep doing everything possible to push for RCV in Illinois.

    • Katie Shirilla

      Team Lead
    • Evan Lemberger

      Deputy Team Lead
  • Speakers Bureau

    Our Speakers Bureau is responsible for spreading the word and educating the public about RCV through formal presentations. They give presentations about RCV for professional organizations, community gatherings, and other events. Reach out to us if you'd like a member of our Speakers Bureau to give a presentation for your group.

    • Larry Garfield

      Team Lead
    • Gary Schotz

      Deputy Team Lead
  • Endorsements

    We can't win this fight alone, and that's where our Endorsements Team comes in. They identify potential supporters, organize meetings, schedule speakers, and manage the endorsement process to help us build relationships with other organizations and individuals.

    • Jack Levin

      Team Lead
  • Policy & Research

    The Policy & Research Team keeps us informed of everything happening in the world of Illinois voting reform. They support all of the organization's endeavors by leading research, advising on policy matters, and working with politicians to draft legislation.

    • Abigail Drumm

      Team Lead
  • Arts & Tech

    Responsible for managing our brand and website, the Arts & Tech team creates media content of all types to support the activities of the other teams.

    • Alex Berkowitz

      Team Lead
    • Mike Wozniak

      Deputy Team Lead
  • Data Management

    The Data Management team manages our data collection practices, organizes metrics, and produces useful insights in order to provide us with the best picture of the state of the Illinois RCV movement. They also work with other Ranked Choice Voting organizations around the country to share resources.

    • Calvin Tomaschko

      Team Lead
    • Joel Villanueva

      Deputy Team Lead