Who supports RCV in Illinois?


These are the state-level officials who support RCV in Illinois (as of April 2021):

State Senate

  • Laura Murphy, 28th District
  • Mike Simmons, 7th District
  • Scott Bennett, 52nd District
  • Robert Peters, 13th District
  • Ann Gillespie, 27th District
  • Laura Fine, 9th District
  • Sara Feigenholtz, 6th District
  • Cristina H. Pacione-Zayas

State House of Representatives

  • Jaime Andrade, 40th District


These are the Chicago officials who support RCV (as of April 2023):

Chicago Alderpersons

  • Daniel La Spata, 1st Ward
  • Lamont Robinson, 4th Ward
  • Desmon Yancy, 5th Ward
  • Jeanette Taylor, 20th Ward
  • Ronnie Mosley, 21st Ward
  • Michael Rodriguez, 22nd Ward
  • Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 25th Ward
  • Jessica Fuentes, 26th Ward
  • Ruth Cruz, 30th Ward
  • Scott Waguespack, 32nd Ward
  • Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez, 33rd Ward
  • Bill Conway, 34th Ward
  • Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, 35th Ward
  • Gilbert Villegas, 36th Ward
  • Andre Vasquez, 40th Ward
  • Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward
  • Timmy Knudsen, 43rd Ward
  • Angela Clay, 46th Ward
  • Matt Martin, 47th Ward
  • Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, 48th Ward
  • Maria Hadden, 49th Ward


Chicago Mayor:

Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson is also a supporter of ranked choice voting.