Myth: Ranked choice voting costs too much


Fact: Ranked choice voting provides savings while still giving voters the greatest value for their vote.

How much is too much money when it comes to having a fair election? When people who oppose RCV claim it costs too much (usually without evidence) they like to make it seem like we are spending hundreds of dollars per voter to run elections.


When RCV was implemented in Maine in 2018, it cost the state just $83,000 or $0.08 per voter to implement. That isn’t even enough to buy a gumball at your local diner.


In Minnetonka, MN it was estimated that it would have cost $101,400 to run its 2021 election using its current system, however with RCV it would only cost $71,700, a savings of over $29,000[source]!


Ranked choice voting allows places that use run-off or preliminary elections to completely replace those with one single election, saving valuable money while giving the voter the biggest impact with a single vote.