Ranked Choice Voting is now on Evanston's November ballot as a referendum!

Come join us at Ridgeville Park District Park, specifically at the SE corner of South Blvd and Elmwood (reachable from S. Blvd Purple Line stop, or by car)

We'll knock on the doors of registered voters so that they can learn about RCV, the referendum, and why they should vote "YES!"

Bring your smartphone (fully charged), good walking shoes, a hat, and water.  We'll hand out area assignments on site; new people can go on their own or partner with someone for the first while.  Also, if you can, download the "miniVan" app on your app store before hand and set up an account. Expect to take about 2 hours.  If there is interest we may join up for lunch afterward.

If you've never canvassed before, that's ok. We're happy to train and provide you with the materials you will need. Just bring yourself and your smartphone (for an app that will allow coordinating).

If you can come for only part of the time, that's ok too. Every bit helps!


Rebecca Ratliff · · 312-523-4082

Will you come?